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We are an expert China
Sourcing Company with Full Service of Branding & Design


  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Data Collection

  • Analysis of the Supplier Market

  • Optimization of Ideal Suppliers

  • Negotiations and Contracting

  • Logistic Solutions


  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Name Creation 

  • Brand Architecture 

  • Brand Research

  • Renaming & Rebranding  

  • Brand Strategy and Activation

  • Visual Identity  

  • Competitive Analysis 


  • Logo

  • Website 

  • Brochure

  • Video

  • Packaging

  • Showroom

  • Product Photography 

  • Exhibition Booth

  • Industrial Products


If you are looking for a Manufacturing Agent or a China Sourcing Company, you’ve reached the right place.


We’ve helped western customers manufacture and source products from China as well as US, Europe since 2002. As a China sourcing agent, we are particularly good at just that – sourcing products from China. We guide you through the process of getting quotes, evaluating factories and managing the complexities of manufacturing and shipping. We ensure your goods are delivered when you want them – all for the best price, quality and lead time. 

Our multicultural sourcing team works closely with factories in China to manufacture your product. Members of our team talk to factory employees to make sure they understand your product specifications and quality expectations. We also conduct quality inspections during the production cycle to ensure that any problems are spotted during the manufacturing process and not at the end of it, when they are costly to fix.

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Manufacturing or sourcing products from China and other low-cost regions brings western businesses many rewards, but it also carries with it certain risks that can endanger your finances and reputation. Why navigate this minefield on your own when you can have China-based sourcing experts do it for you?


Mechanical Engineer

Factory Fact Check

Our local staff will connect with the supplier (speaking Mandarin) and provide accurate feedback in a timely manner.

Coffee Factory

Factory Visit

Our staff to visit the factory and provide accurate feedback in a timely manner
Circuit Board Repair

Factory Quality Inspection Visit

Our staff, incl. Quality Engineer, to visit factory and provide full quality inspection and factory visit report.

Sorting and Cataloging Inventory

Supply Chain Mgmt

Assist in getting product produced, inspected, and shipped out of China.


InnoGlobal Limited came from a vision where  “Local Matters”.


We are a global company that knows ALL business is local regardless of culture, country, or industry competitive dynamics.  We focus on Sourcing, Branding, Design enabling our clients to better serve their customers – faster and more efficiently.  Our collaborative, diverse, and inclusive strategy is tailored to maximize local impact.


Think globally, and act locally – or glocally - it’s globally applicable and locally leverageable. We collaboratively drive innovation initiatives from vision to execution.


Global presence. Local delivery. Delivering the results that matter.


  • Clear insight for customers leading to strategic, tactical decisions.
  • Diversity,Innovation,  Continuous evolution
  • Customer-centric, demand-driven and automated.
  • Integrity, Courage, Together for Better
  • Being open, adaptable, and truly committed in the face of uncertainty.
  • Build agile, resilient operations and preserve the value
  • Better, faster, smarter
  • Healthy and Wealthy


We form genuine relationships with our clients by understanding complex business challenges. Our conviction and commitment to our clients run deep. No matter what it takes, we’re devoted to fueling the success of your business.


We are passionate about what we do and grateful for the opportunities our clients give us. We approach every opportunity with care and determination to drive tangible results.  We hit the ground running and proactively engage with our clients to understand their business needs to enable us to continuously improve their business results.


We cut through complexity, create simple end-to-end solutions for big, complicated, often daunting projects.


We all work together, anything is possible.


  • At InnoGlobal, you’re respected, valued, and heard.

  • Not letting limitations define us. We can accomplish anything together..

  • Be honest, accountable, and trustworthy. Respect each other’s time and options. Do what is right.

  • Go above and beyond the expectation Actively listen and be empathetic.

  • Create a win-win, long-term relationship. 

  • Healthy constructive conflict.

  • Family First.



Who are your potential customers?

What is your unique value proposition? 

What are your competitors doing? 

How to march the good product strategy?

Why us?


"A good business model coupled with

a CX focus is the way to go. "

                    - InnoGlobal Limited


Blue Theme Portrait

Steve Z.
Founder of Smart Home

IG did great job to save our cost for smart product strategies. Came along with great industrial design team works. Not just branding, it’s working together to design the perfect product for our business.  Help us use the ideal digital platforms, marketing techniques, and tools to attract customers to our site.

Smiling Girl

Tela T. 
Co-Founder of Electronics

Simplifies decision making by offering trustworthy information tailored to the our individual needs. Diagnosing problems and making recommendations to solve the problems which really helps our small business growing quickly. IG performed very well, and they’re very responsive.

Smiling Man

Jim S.
VP of Housewares

For completing the competitive analysis for our suppliers, costs, logistics, distribution points, customers, design sources for our supply chain and competitors. Negotiate the prices and production scheduling, quality assurance and assistance with locating freight forwarders that helps us save so much time to be more efficient.

Strategy Execution Plan

Starting to Grow Worldwide and Ideal for Small to Medium Companies. 



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